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Information Easy Salmon Fishcakes | Waitrose

Title :  Easy Salmon Fishcakes | Waitrose
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Description Easy Salmon Fishcakes | Waitrose

Comments Easy Salmon Fishcakes | Waitrose

nikolai makarov
Awesome man ...You were of great help !
Comment from : nikolai makarov

shahriar sharar
did you worked in just one pc?
Comment from : shahriar sharar

Not helpful at all, the title should be named as how to instal the SQL server.
I don't know why you jumping from instaling the SQL server to distributed database.

Comment from : Kaiser

Ufancha Lolo
It is good video. I think it is not distributed data base .change the video title.
Comment from : Ufancha Lolo

hanaa gorashi
thanx for this video
It appeared to me an error during the application of this video
the error is : 40 could not open the connection to sql server

Comment from : hanaa gorashi

Francisco Cortes
I had an ohhhhh moment watching this video.. thank you!!!
Comment from : Francisco Cortes

albalad alhadith
thanx man that was very helpful for me
Comment from : albalad alhadith

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